The Garber Family grew up on a farm outside of Lancaster, PA. Growing up in the farming community taught the Garbers hard work, to be good stewards of the land, and how to enhance soils and increase yields and crop production.

Jay and Jeremy started J.Garber Enterprises 20 years ago. The business has grown as a result of their loyal customer base and the referrals they receive. 

They grew the business to include a specialized entity specific to just turf care. They’ve grown to include larger residential estates and commercial properties like Home Owner’s Associations, municipalities, retirement communities, parks, and pastures.

Why Choose Us?

We are professional, certified, friendly and we really care about your goals when it comes to your yard. We’re community-focused and we live and work right in your area. 

We strive to be your lawn care experts for years, not just for a season. You can expect friendly and honest service from Garber Turf Care. 

They continue to beautify landscapes of all sizes by mowing, mulching, and pruning. J.Garber Enterprises.

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