Hydroseeding allows the soil to hold moisture better than sod or hand seeded soil allowing the seeds to germinate quicker.

Introduction To Hydroseeding

This process is something that Garber Turf Care also specializes in and views it as important for the beautification of your turf. Here are some of the benefits of using hydroseeding:

  • Gives instant feedback to the spreader (and anyone watching) that there is 100% coverage. You’ll want your entire project to look great so our professionals take the time to ensure total coverage to the area.
  • You can avoid the uneven, clumpy effect of broadcast seeding by using hydroseeding instead.
  • Hydro seeded lawns will also typically come in faster. In fact, it’s not unusual to see early growth in as little as five or six days.
  • Since the lawn comes in faster, you’ll experience fewer worries for nurturing it through its critical stages of germination and early growth.

Our process holds the soil in place and protects the seed. It loosens up the soil and helps prevent compaction.

Let us know if you have questions and are interested in learning how hydroseeding can help your turf.

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