Family Owned. Service Focused. Results Driven.

At Garber Turf Care, your turf is what matters most. Our service team is comprised of certified professionals who are good stewards of the land. We understand that your lawn is a reflection of you and we take that very seriously!

We offer quality full lawn care services for residential and commercial properties in Lancaster, PA, and the surrounding counties. We’ve enjoyed over 30 years of family-owned success and have a lot of pride in our community.

We pride ourselves on giving your turf the care it deserves. If you love your lawn and landscaping, we will provide the right prescription to keep your turf in great shape. If you are struggling with your lawn care and are overwhelmed by weeds and spots, we’re here for you!

Our packages for clients include a visit to your property to assess your current needs with a certified professional from Garber Turf Care. We’ll meet when it’s convenient for you to discuss your turf needs.

Every lawn is different… as is every client, so we treat each lawn and property with a customized treatment plan.

Garber Turf Care… the one-stop for all of your turf needs!

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Residential Turf Care

We give you the turf that’ll make you the envy of all neighbors! We’re focused on quality service, not the number of customers. We are excellent long-time stewards of the land. We service residential properties from 1000 square feet to several acre estates and offer 3 treatment packages to help you make the best choice to meet your needs.

Commercial Turf Care

The Garber Turf Care professionals are licensed to treat commercial properties up to 200 acres. We currently service municipalities, parks, homeowner associations, shopping centers, and retirement facilities. The commercial applications we typically handle are aeration, overseeding, hydroseeding, and turf care packages. We also offer vegetation control along roadsides, guardrails, and park mulch beds.